Management Board

Stoke by Nayland Golf Club is wholly owned by the Stoke by Nayland Resort which takes responsibility for the maintenance and development of the two golf courses, and the employment of all staff.

The Golf Club is self funded, drawing income from competition entry fees and administered by a Management Board, which reinvests this in the costs associated with running teams and various expenses incurred in staging events and competitions.

The Management Board members are appointed by the Resort and subscribe to a Mission and Vision as follows:

Mission and vision

Stoke by Nayland Golf Club strives to be an organisation which promotes golf to all. It welcomes differences, is accepting of diversity and inclusion and recognises the importance of affording equal opportunity and equal treatment for all.

Our objective is to be regarded as the number one, modern, progressive and community driven golf club in East Anglia. We will welcome new members and drive golf through proactive strategies, and we will work hard on behalf of our current members, to ensure their happiness on, and off, the golf courses through efficiency and consideration in all that we do.

Structure and management

The Golf Club is owned and managed by The Stoke by Nayland Resort and shall be affiliated to England Golf, and to recognised County Golf Unions for both the Men’s and Women’s game.

The Stoke by Nayland Resort shall have financial control over the setting and collection of joining and subscription fees, as well as the recruitment and remuneration of staff.

The Golf Club shall have financial control over income generated from competition entry fees and other revenue generated through the membership. And control over expenditure supporting club teams, events, prizes and other costs arising from the membership.

The administration of the Golf Club, its membership, competitions, inter-club matches and teams, finances, social events and communications shall be carried out by a Management Board.

This Management Board, shall, at all times, act on behalf of, and in the best interest of, the members of the Golf Club. The principal activities of the Management Board shall be:

  • To organise and administer all club competitions
  • To organise Club social events
  • To facilitate and endorse the introduction of new members
  • To promote and develop junior golf
  • To enable all sections of the Club to compete externally
  • To work within the WHS to ensure all members have the ability to maintain accurate handicaps

The Management Board shall consist of:

  • The Club President
  • Head of Competitions
  • Head of New Members and Development
  • Head of Social
  • Head of Finance
  • Head of Communications
  • Three current Captains (Men’s, Ladies and Seniors’ )

During their year of tenure, the Men’s Captain, Ladies Captain and Seniors Captain shall also sit as members of the Management Board.

Members of the Management Board shall be appointed by The Stoke by Nayland Resort. And, with the exception of the Club President, Men’s, Ladies and Seniors Captains, shall have no set time frame for their length of service.

The selection process for the position of Club President, or Men’s, Seniors’ or Ladies Captain is as follows:

Firstly, the proposed nomination must receive the approval of the Management Board. Secondly, approval must then be given by The Stoke by Nayland Resort.

The Management Board may make, with the approval of The Stoke by Nayland Resort, all such Regulations and Bye-Laws as it may from time to time think necessary to enable it to fulfil its objectives. All such Regulations and Bye-Laws shall be binding upon all members of the Club, regardless of age or gender. If any such Regulation or Bye-Law requires amendment, communication of such changes must be actioned.

The Management Board Members

Peter Garnett


Steve Clark

Immediate Past President

Adrian Bullock, Head of Competitions

Adrian Bullock

Head of Competitions

Paul Mustoe (Gus)

Head of Finance

Lesley Garnett

Head of New Members and Player Development

Clare Nixon

Head of Social Events

Dick Lumsden

Head of Communications

Norman Davidson

Men’s Captain

Stella Hammond

Ladies Captain

John Parkinson

Seniors’ Captain

Harry Hibbert, Membership Manager

Harry Hibbert

Membership Manager