Reflecting the make-up of our membership, there are four main sections within the golf club.

The Men’s Section is the largest of the four, with just over 830 members. The Ladies Section has around 100 members and we have around 20 juniors.

The Seniors Section is a subset of the Men’s section.

The membership ranges in ability from novices, to scratch golfers and very low single handicappers. All are welcome to play in any of the relevant competitions subject to first obtaining a handicap under the WHS rules which is easily done by playing social golf with friends.

Men’s Section

The Men’s section has members ranging from 18 to 90 and runs regular competitions – mostly at weekends, but there is at least one midweek competition each month.

Competitions vary from individual Stablefords and Medals, to team scrambles and better ball events.

The Section also runs a number of informal swindle events, each with its own organiser.

We also compete in a number of Essex Golf Union team competitions, with each team having its own captain and players selected on ability and through team trials.

For further information, please contact the current Men’s Captain Norman Davidson at

Ladies Section

The Ladies Section ranges in age from 29 to 86 and also runs regular competitions and competes in the Essex Ladies County Golf Association team competitions each year.

Within the Ladies Section there is also a subsection for Lady Veterans which has occasional competitions and social events and plays an annual match with the male Seniors.

For further information please contact the current Ladies Captain Stella Hammond on

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Seniors Section

All members of the Seniors Section must first be members of the Men’s Section. They must then be over the age of 55 and fully retired, or over the age of 60 and still working. They must also pay a nominal fee to join the Seniors Section.

Currently there are around 150 Seniors. They compete in a regular calendar of competitions such as individual Stablefords, medals and team events. There is also a thriving Seniors Swindle which plays weekly.

In addition, the Seniors play a series of inter-club friendly matches each year, home and away against around 20 other golf clubs in Suffolk and Essex. And they also take part in Seniors team competitions run by Essex Golf Union.

The Seniors also have their own website at

For further information, please contact the current Seniors Captain John Parkinson on

Juniors Section

For further information on Junior membership and participation, please contact Head of Membership and Development Lesley Garnett on