Playing in the Seniors inter-club match against The Warren, Barry Hitchcock recorded his third ever hole in one, with an ace on the tricky 11th Gainsborough.
With playing partner Peter Jay and their two opponents from The Warren looking on, Barry struck a sweet 7 wood high up over the front of the green but didn’t see it down.
When there was no sign of the ball on the green everyone though he must have overshot, but the ball was found nestling in the bottom of the cup.
As if it were possible to get any better than that, the 11th was also the designated nearest the pin hole…so the shot also won Barry a bottle of wine!!
Unfortunate in all of this was Bob Filer, who thought he had the nearest the pin in the bag with a fine tee shot which finished very close to the pin.
Also unfortunately, although Barry’s ace helped him and Peter to a 4 and 3 win in their game, it couldn’t stop the Seniors from losing a very tight match 4 and a half to three and a half.