Almost 40 members and friends enjoyed an evening with a difference, learning about the history of craft chocolate and about the differences between flavour and taste.
Spencer Hyman, founder and Chief Executive of CocoaRunners is one of the UK’s leading experts on craft chocolate, and travels the world in search of growers and makers.
Using a number of chocolates he has sourced, he took the group through how to identify tastes and flavours and explained the differences in manufacture of craft chocolate versus mass produced chocolate.
Astonishingly, it takes around 1,500 litres of water to make one chocolate bar, and Britons spend more each year on chocolate than they do on music and books combined.
At the end of the tasting, there was an interactive quiz, played out online using smartphones, to see what the group had learned from Spencer’s talk.
Everyone agreed it was a fascinating and enjoyable evening and they left knowing a lot more about what to look for in the ingredients list on the back of a chocolate bar to check its quality and origin.