There were bouncing balls, sparkly jackets, music and all of the razzamatazz associated with the inside of a commercial Bingo Hall.

And…there were almost 180 members and friends of all ages packed into the Devora Suite for our first ever bingo night.

It is safe to say that the joint was jumping as the professional bingo caller had everyone’s attention. We played for lines across, full houses and – to break things up – we even played musical bingo with music from the 80s right up to date.

On offer was a range of weird and wacky prizes and, when there was a tie-break, we had everything from rock, paper, scissors to a dance off!

Clare Nixon, Head of Social Events, said: “It was a fantastic night and everyone there threw themselves into the spirit of the occasion. So many people asked if we could do it again that we will consider adding another one to the social calendar towards the end of the year.”

Halfway through the evening there was a food break with pizzas, hot dogs, nachos and chips on offer.
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