The annual Seniors 3 Clubs and Putter competition always generates intense speculation – who’s taking driver, who’s not taking a wedge or a sand iron and expecting not to land in any bunkers? Who’s just happy to lose some weight out of their golf bag?
This year’s competition not only had all the issues of club selection (or de-selection) but was played on an EXTREMELY wet Gainsborough course.
An equally balanced field of 15 players in Div 1 and 15 in Div 2 competed for the Derek Collins Trophy.
Competition was tight with both the conditions and the limited club selection. With one group left to come in, Div 1 was led by Roger Davies, with 33 points and Div 2 was led by Kevin Price, also with 33 points.
But in the very last group, Paul Sandfield recorded a 34 and pipped the other two to the coveted trophy.